IT deptt. raids two companies, Court intervenes

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GANGTOK, Jan. 24, 2011:

High Court of Sikkim today passed an interim stay order stating that no further actions will be taken by the Central Income tax authorities on Teesta Rangit Pvt Ltd and Envision Pvt Ltd until further order of the Court. The High Court had issued the order following the writ petition filed by the two companies represented by Naresh Subba on 21st January.

The income tax officials had carried out raid in the two companies for alleged tax evasion on 23rd December last year. Teesta Rangit Pvt. Ltd. runs the plush Royal Plaza hotel housing the money spinning Casino Sikkim in Gangtok. The High Court order says, “an order to the extent that the income tax authorities shall not take any further actions in pursuance of the notice under section 148 impugned action under section 133 (a) of income tax act 1961 until further order of the High Court”.

“We had brought in the notice of the High Court that the manner in which the raid was carried out by the income tax officials was purely against the statute of the income Tax Act 1961” said Jorgay Lachungpa, the lawyer of Naresh Subba told the reporters.

Naresh Subba, the Managing Director of Teesta Rangit pvt ltd said that the Central
income tax office, Gangtok had issued a letter to the company giving one month time to reply back giving the income tax return details but they raided the companies before the deadline could be met. “The raid was carried out on 23rd December when the last date given by the IT dept was 3rd of January, it is quite unprofessional from their side” Mr. Subba said. “We are still under a cloud of confusion on Income tax issues we want the Central Income Tax department to make us understand more evidently” he added.

“I am going to fight on the issue of income tax for the entire people of Sikkim” he added. He also informed of forming a businessmen association of Sikkim which would voice for the issue more deliberately.

(Courtesy: Sikkim Mail)



  • Lachungpa

    The business establishments in sikkim should be liable for income tax. Its injustice that the people are looted in casinos and no tax are paid.
    How would the Government of Sikkim justify income tax exemption for the people of sikkim if the mega business establishments do not pay income tax.

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