Journalists from Nepal in a study tour to Sikkim

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The president and the treasurer of Federation of Nepali Journalist (FNJ), Dhading District, along with 30 other members representing different sectors from Nepal visited Sikkim on 30th July under an educative tour to find the means by which peace in Nepal can be restored.

While speaking to media the president of FNJ, Dhading District Mr. Sitaram Prasad Barma informed that the educational tour on restoration of peace in Nepal was the main objective of their visit, the tour was only confined within Nepal but during their tour to Ellam District the team planned of visiting the nearby Gorkha populated areas in India, and that is how the team first visited Darjeeling and then to Sikkim on 30th July.

Mr. Barma stated that in the areas visited by the team the Nepali culture, literature, language, customs, tradition are really being preserved and protected. Furthermore Mr. Barma said that the people living in the plains of Nepal do not have such fluency in Nepali language but here every Person is fluent which made them feel really good and proud.

Speaking about Sikkim Mr. Barma said that the geographical location of Sikkim is very much similar to some of the region in Nepal but the pace of development is really impressive and the protection, preservation of nature along with environment is really appreciative and the same vision is being carried by us to be implemented or suggested to the citizens living in Nepal.

Stating more Mr. Barma informed that the peace, prosperity, discipline and hospitality in Sikkim is really very encouraging but we are still confused how this is maintained in such a diversified, multiple community residing under one roof with varied religious practices, languages, traditions, culture and sentiments along with that the rules, regulation and law of the land is really strict and the people here do not over rule the law.

The team had a very limited time to visit various places of Sikkim but what they saw is really encouraging and hoped to revisit Sikkim in days ahead as well.

Treasurer FNJ, Dhading District Mr. Narayan Silwal said that everything was really great about the tour but the Inner Line Permit system while entering Sikkim was really impressive because even after showing the press card they were not allowed to enter till they showed their Citizenship proof. He also requested the Government to grant some relaxation to the Nepal Citizens visiting Sikkim, if possible in future.

Courtesy: Sikkim Mail



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