Going Northeast for Algal Oil

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The rich biodiversity of Northeast India can be a veritable treasure house of algal species. Many of these species can be rich sources of bio-fuel. The worldwide search for sources of oil other than the fast-exhausting fossil fuels has found a new hope in algal species. Algae can produce more …

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Hope, a little hope!

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By Heena Khan “Hope is the only universal liar who never loses his reputation for veracity.” The above quote by Robert G. Ingersoll rightly captures the essence of the word ‘hope’ in both its – positive as well as a negative connotation. On the surface hope may seem to be …

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Tarundeep comes home

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Archer Tarundeep Rai who recently bagged Bronze in common wealth games 2010 held at New Delhi Men’s recurve team event, was given a warm welcome at the gate way of Sikkim Rangpo, by the Political Secretary to Hon’ble CM (Sikkim) Mr K N Rai, along with the youth of Akhil …

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An American in Sikkim

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By Mike Van Buskirk The fist time I ascended the winding mountain roads en route to Gangtok, I remember I kept thinking to myself, “Are we there yet?” Though the scenic beauty was at times distracting, the grueling journey didn’t end quick enough. With each turn anticipation mounted until at …

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Pang Lhabsol

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Every year in mid September, Sikkmese celebrate the festival to worship Mount Khanchendzonga, as their protector deity 440-pangtok-warriors Sikkim, the second smallest and the least populous state of India has many unique things to its credit. One such distinctive thing is “Pang Lhabsol” festival. Celebrated in the mid of September …

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Reading Between The Lines

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To read or understand too much, with exclusive and powerful insight, can stifle the space for expression. ramafinal (Ramayana, Balakhanda, Canto 5, Sloka 5-7 ) “I ll worship Ram with this belief dat he was born in Ayodhya even if a mosque z built there. Fr me d decree of …

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By Tilak Jha In matters of critical life-sustaining ecosystem and the role of human activity in global warming, we should rather not roar! I fear if I have not started doubting my beliefs about global warming being primarily man made and that we would mend ourselves. The reason: two things …

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Giving faith a chance

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The Ayodhya bench’s recent judgment strikes the right balance between faith and future we should work together for. “….It is said that the greatest risk in life is not daring to take risk when occasion for the same arises…,” wrote the man heading the Ayodhya bench, Justice Sibghat Ullah Khan, …

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By Heena Khan “A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance. The past clings on to us still in some measure and we have …

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Pearl of mountains: Sikkim

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‘The Land of Heavenly Peace is one sobriquet every traveler awards to Sikkim, albeit, it’s a world full of excitement for the traveler in you… When Basant Ojha glanced outside through the coloured glasses of his hotel room in the scenic hill top city of Gangtok, he had a hazy …

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