Girl and a broken heart

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Most of us do experience a sweet pain of being in love. Some are blessed that they get what they desired for and some are not so blessed. Yozna Gurung made an attempt to put feelings in words and explains what it means to be  a broken heart, especially of a girl.

They say that human being tend to hope till the last breath. After my heart was broken into thousands of pieces, for sometime even i hoped that I’ll have someone who will put those pieces back like it was never broken and that’s how probably every teenage girl would think.

No matter how many times her heart is broken she would still hope for her “Mr.Right”. But as we grow up, she stars to realise that life is no fairy tale. Though we would like to dream that “someone” will come to our life and everything will be perfect, though we would like to believe that “someone” will love us like no one can, though we would like to think that “someone” will take care of us, but we also tell ourselves that it might not happen—— EVER.

Somehow we prepare ourselves to face the life as it comes, with no expectations,no love. After being heartbroken so many times now we are scared to fall in love, scared to trust. Even if we fall in love we no more fall in love just with a guy, now first we look in the guy’s family, his background, his job and then we fall in “LOVE”.

But then, it’s not our mistake, that’s what life has taught us…”think zillions of times before we listen to our heart”. They say that this is how a girl grows up and this is how she learns about the ways of life and world. But do we have to go through this to grow up????? Why growing up has to be so painful???? If growing means to stop dreaming and living a bitter reality then do we want to grow up?????? Ask any girl and you’ll get the answer.



    • Pravesh Chettri

      Secret is the misunderstanding in between success….So plz tell ur secret….why secret is flashed it turn up in to ISSUE…”Y DONT U TRUST ME ? ? ? ” / “Y DONT U UV ME ? ? ?” ….blah blah . . . Getting Mr Right is not ur Destiny & getting hurts never fails…..So be ur self….Falling in LOVE is not a big deal at all..but once u get hurt u’ll realise wt ws the turning point……If u r betrayed dont jus think of past instead prepare for ur future life…..LIVE THE LIFE AS U LIKE…..

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