Former Sikkim MP speaks up, welcomes expulsion from SDF

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Sikkim Mail

Gangtok, September, 5:

Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) Party can not easily win the up coming ‘Sikkim Legislative Assembly election’ which is scheduled to be held in the year 2014 as many of the people from across the state have come to know the reality of SDF led government said former Member of Parliament (MP) Nakul Das Rai in a press conference held at Gangtok on 5th September.

While addressing the media he informed that the President of Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee Mr. Nar Bahadur Bhandari has fixed 30% voter and the remaining vote will be divided with P.S Golay who also holds supporter across the State. Furthermore Mr. Rai stated that there are no eligible candidates in SDF party except Speaker Mr. K.T Gyaltsen and Minister Mr. N.K Pradhan.The Former MP welcomed the SDF party’s decision of expelling him from the party and said that he was not at all engaged in any of the political party and anti social activities and if so the SDF party must show him the proofs related.

He also said that he did not participate in the NASS rally which was held on 24th August in the capital against the ‘black bill’ and neither supported the Anna Hazare issue in state rather was busy in his personal matters.

“I was the architect of the SDF party not just the founder member” claims the former MP and added that presently there is no democracy in SDF Party at all. He also added that there is not much distance between him and Pawan Chamling on a personal level but some difference existed in respect to policy and thought. He also informed that he had done lot of work in favor of the SDF party and stated that CM Pawan Chamling is a very narrow minded person. During the founding years of the party he had engaged in every struggle and taken risk to make the party strong, and now the party has expelled him without any mistake which according to him is very hard to digest. He had actively campaigned in 2009 assembly election for the party but CM did not believe in him. After this expulsion he does not wish to form any political party as he believes that a person can do social work,activity that too without taking any help from the political party. The people of Sikkim want change in system and government as the people have started to feel injustice taking place in the SDF led government.There were lot of corruption in Sikkim and regarding the issue BJP leader Mr. Nitin Gadkari had submitted a report to Prime Minister of India Mr. Man Mohan Singh and President Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil on 18th February 2011 to, informed Rai.Corruption is too much in the state and now it’s time for the CM Pawan Chamling to be responsible and reply the people of state in corruption issue as well he stated. Further more he accepted that he had met PS Golay only once during when Golay had advised him to come and join him to discuss future plan too which he avoided. however he had thought of resigning from the SDF party long time back but due to some problems he was unable to give the resignation on time.The former MP alleged the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling that democracy is out dated and now people demands for new democracy, every body holds right to speak in democracy but SDF is only one party where party members can not speak freely.Stating more Mr. Rai concluded by saying that if the SDF party holds real power then they must prove it by expelling PS Golay from the SDF party.

The conference was also attended by D.N Tiwari, former DGP C.P Giri and Bedant Kumar Chettri.



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