Earthquake Monitoring Station inaugurated in Sikkim

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Gangtok, November, 2011: The Minister for Science and Technology and Climate Change, Forest and Tourism Department Bhim Dhungel inaugurated the Earthquake Monitoring Station at Science Centre, Marchak in Sikkim on Sunday. The Station has been funded by Ministry of Earthquake Sciences, Government of India and the Principal Investigator of the station is Prof. Sankar Kumar Nath of IIT Kharagpur who has been working in Earthquake Science in Sikkim since 1996. The project is under the coordination of Sikkim State Council of Science and Technology. This station is among the 12 such stations installed in Sikkim.

A workshop on “Seismicity in Sikkim Himalayas: Current Scenario” was also organized by State Council of Science and Technology and Geology and Geophysics Department, IIT Kharagpur supported by Ministry of Earth Science, GOI.

Terming earthquake as a very serious matter Minister Bhim Dhungel during his speech said that there are very less people who are serious about this matter. The state government is not behind in framing progressive legislation in this regard but the government needs support from civil Society. The minister further said that the government is thinking on the lines of formulating new bye-laws on construction and the Chief Minister has spoken on this issue in many forums but the civil society has not given any views in this regard. He further added that every member of civil society should take the responsibility and not merely pass on the responsibility to the government alone.

Prof. S.K.Nath during his presentation citing scientific reasons for earthquake categorically stated that there is no any relationship between earthquake and hydro projects. He further said that there is no reason to panic even if the aftershock sequences continue for some more time after the major shock because it continues till the stress release is complete and the nature has completely healed up its would and reached a state of equilibrium again.

The workshop also included interactive session.



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