PS Golay is not a political leader: RC Poudyal

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‘I respect CM Pawan Chamling for the developmental work he has done’-Poudyal’

GANGTOK December 08, 2011:

MLA PS Golay has no potential to become a leader as he has not faced the amount of pains, suffering and struggles which a real leader has to face.

The people are still in dilemma that Golay is in the party. He’s seen sometime as a full moon in the arena of politics and at others he vanishes. It is clear that people must think, analyze and understand before taking any further steps as whom to choose and to vote for a better Sikkim tomorrow. A man who for his personal benefits lefts the party and if people without understanding and analyzing bring such people in power, we don’t
have to go far in search of Libya and Syria said RC Poudyal in a press meet here in the capital Gangtok on Thursday.

While addressing the media the president of Rising Sun Party in his address said that he respects and praises present CM Pawan Chamling who has tried and done his level best for the development of the state. He also lauded former Sikkim CM NB Bhandari. He said that the chair of CM is not that easy to achieve and Golay must struggle hard to get it. Adding further he said that he has done a lot of welfare for the people of Sikkim and should be carrying it out in the future.

Talking on the issue of hydel power projects in the state he said that only limited number hydro-projects should be constructed in the state. The opposition and the government must realize the need to check reckless damming of Sikkim rivers keeping in view of the 18/9 episode.

Poudyal also requested the government to provide the relief amount to those who have not received yet and urged sincerity in all the spheres.



  • Bhupesh Subba

    Dear Poudyal dai plz do try to enter into politics of Sikkim because the people like you are nothing worht to Sikkim Politics as we know that how mean and selfish guys you are….

  • Nepali

    Poudyel dai I think u are gonna old to think about sikkim please donot comment such things

  • tara prasad ghimirey

    dear sir ji,
    do u really think that you have that capability to check the potential of a person as who is to be a leader? thanks for your suggestions to people of Sikkim, but whom to listen or follow?

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