Sikkim BJP chief attacks Governor on his statement

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Gangtok: February 7, 2012

President of Bharitya Janta Party (BJP) Sikkim Unit, Padam Chettri said that Sikkim Governor preserves, protects and defends Sikkim chief minister PK Chamling, and not the Constitution of India while addressing a press conference here in the capital.

Chettri said that on the occasion of Republic Day, Governor Balmiki Prasad Singh said that ‘the establishment of four universities including one Central university in the state has added a new dimension to the state’s higher education system’ (published in Sikkim Herald on 26th January 2012). But in the present context, since the private universities are palpably illegal, Governor should not have omitted the relevant passage in time to save himself from the embarrassment of being charged for protection, preserving and defending Pawan Kumar Chamling, Chief Minister of Sikkim, and not the Constitution he added.

Adding further Chettri informed about his press release on the local newspapers reported the “Governor may kindly ask the chief minister to show him, within a week, the presidential assent on the Acts establishing the university in Sikkim. If no assent submitted to the Governor, than he may order immediate closure of all concerned universities and order them to refund the money to penal compound rate paid by the students and other payments for wasting time and causing anguish to the students. Students and the parents may ask for president’s assent and UGC recognition papers from the universities were they are studying”. The week ended on February 4, and no response either from the Governor or from CM witnessed added Chettri.

Chettri believed that Sikkim Manipal University and others private universities in Sikkim have no legal basis. The Assembly Acts which established the ‘Universities’ in Sikkim have not been assented by the president of India. They are patently illegal and fail to understand why the Governor failed to act according to the law and the constitution of the country in accordance with his solemn affirmation at the time of his swearing in as Governor to preserve protect and defend the law and the constitution.

Chettri highlighted on the verdict of 2 February 2012, where the J&K High Court reserve the judgment on whether the degree awarded through distance mode by Sikkim Manipal University are valid or the selections in the competitive examinations in J&K. Hence, a Samaritan may file a PIL in the apex court in the interest of millions of people in the present and future generations added Chettri.

People and doctor are still confused about the degree of Manipal University and needs immediate clearance said Chettri. Those who have degree for Sikkim Manipal University will not get government jobs but only in private sector he added. BJP Sikkim unit has also submitted a memorandum to the president of India, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Department , New Delhi, Union Minister Human Resource and Development Department New Delhi, Governor of Sikkim, Chief Minister of Sikkim, Director Central Bureau of Investigation New Delhi, Registrar Supreme Court of India, Registrar Sikkim Manipal University, Vinayaka University, ELLIM University, ICFAI, Secretary Medical Council of India, Secretary All India Council of Vocational and Technical Education, Prime Minister of India and Leader of the opposition, Lok Sabha regarding the issue of Manipal University of Sikkim informed Chettri.

If the concerned department fails to reply within the deadline of 5th March 2012, BJP will file a case against the chancellor of Manipal University Dr. Ramdas Pai threatened Chettri.



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