SLP highlights the conspiracy of anti-Sikkimese

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Gangtok, August 16, 2013

Not only the Sikkimese people, but the entire world is aware of the fact that Sikkim Liberation Party (SLP) was the first to highlight the conspiracy by some anti national traitors filing a writ petition in the Supreme Court of India against the original Sikkimese people, a statement issued by  Mr Duk Nath Nepal, Convenor, Sikkim Liberation Party said today.

According to the statement said that it was then onwards that slew of protests from various organisation and political parties began. Bowing before the unity of Sikkimese people, those anti-national elements have made some amendment in the said petition of which the copy is in the hand of Sikkim Liberation Party. However, more than the reported amendments, there has been an array of disdain and loathing gripped in prejudice which the party would once again like to highlight for the people of Sikkim.

The following are the statements highlighted by the Sikkim Liberation Party.

1. The amendment as submitted in the Supreme Court on 31st July, 2013 has more of a unabashed complaint than the amendments. Instead of balming the wounds they have caused to the Sikkimese people they have made a series of serious complaints that the said amendments have been made in view of the continuous threat, foul play and fear. SLP would like to ask those anti nationals as to what extent have they been threatened and how much they have been affected? What would have been the consequences if you had been in either Kashmir or in other North Eastern States for such a brazen act of audacity? What kind of fear have they been witnessing when even a single instance of them being harassed, assaulted or harmed by the Sikkimese people have come to the fore? Just because of the peace loving, docile and harmonious feeling of the people they have crossed all the frontiers and dared to file petition against the Sikkimese people.

2. The petitioners have raised the issue of non-cooperation also. They have said in particular that they have been threatened and if an apology is not tendered to the Nepalese community and writ not withdrawn, then a State wide non-cooperation movement would be initiated. The question arises that how can cent percent population start non cooperation movement against such a bunch of obnoxious individuals? To put the fact straight, they can be socially boycotted, but the question of non-cooperation does not arise. By filing such an affidavit, they have not only once again misled the Honble Supreme Court by submitting false documents, but consistently back stabbed.

3. They have mentioned in Para 3 that they have been residing in Sikkim for generation. But the fact remains and documents speaks in volumes that they were not present when the Maharaja of Sikkim issued Sikkim Subjects in the year 1961; they were not present on the occasion of historic Tripartite Agreement of 8th May, 1973 culminating into first general election of 20th June 1974 and they were not present also in the Special Poll (Referendum) of 14th April 1975 leading to integrate Sikkim as the constituent of Indian Union. And all these events were unfurled on the basis of Sikkim Subjects and they had neither courtesy nor loyalty towards Sikkim. It must be clear that when they did not participate in the process of merger or electoral process, how could they dare to term themselves as “Old Settlers” and who have given them this certificate?

4. Those who were not present when Sikkim was Sikkim as a separate nation but are desperate to become Sikkimese when Sikkim has become part of India, are traitors and anti-nationals.

5. Some of the so called intellectuals have been rhyming that you don’t practically become a foreigner if someone calls you so. It is indeed, but can anyone say that China is better that India and become a Chinese? Does anyone have such guts to say so? It is the question of our feeling and sentiments and the brazenness of anti-national elements, which we cannot forget or pardon for.  Had they been the descendents of Freedom Fighters, or been the nationals of either Sikkim or India, we would have pardoned and relieved them, but, how can we forgive them who had come to plunder the nation by making Sikkim the medium like the hunters of Treasure Island or pirates of fairy tales.

6. To conclude, those anti-nationals elements could dare only because of the laxity on the part of Sikkimese people. Despite the the Constitution of India recognising the existence of only three communities – Bhutia, Lepcha and Nepali in Sikkim, the people of Sikkim voted non-Sikkimese to power in the last Municipal Corporation Election. The government at the helm of power who paved the path is also the government of people. And since it is the government of people, the onus of responsibility for all kind of right and wrong decision automatically falls on the people of Sikkim.

7. Sikkim Liberation Party being the organisation formed by people suppressed by all the successive government in Sikkim cannot afford to raise the issue spending crores of Rupees in the Supreme Court. As such it is our sincere effort to draw the attention and highlight the reality and seriousness of the issue to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India through media. With the principle that justice should prevail and the national duty that anti-national elements should be brought to justice, SLP has raised this issue and shall pursue till it reaches a logical conclusion. This not merely an issue of Income Tax or simmering hatredness of one community towards another, but the issue of misuse of Constitutional guarantee and special provision provided to the Sikkimese people by some unscrupulous elements and the government at the helm of power  till date who have been shielding those anti nationals.

Finally, Sikkim Liberation Party would like to question the people of Sikkim, especially those who have voted the ruling SDF to power. If you are not ashamed and embarrassed to flatter around non-Sikkimese in the municipal corporation in top post, the people of Sikkim may not feel ashamed and embarrassed to make any other educated and rich non-Sikkimese as Chief Minister of Sikkim. Because there is a proverb as “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, we have been speaking out time and again, but there may be no one to speak out tomorrow. We must not forget that we are in such a country where there are hundreds of individuals who carry money more than that of our annual budget in their pocket, and many among them are eying the chair of Chief Minister. The day we shell and sale out our esteem and dignity for money like you, there will be no stopping from some of the rich and educated, the real doctor and industrialist coming to lead us. Now it is upto the people of Sikkim to think and decide.


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    • Varun

      What a communat , anti social , unscientific and malevolent badly written and researched and misleading crap ! Isikkim, kindly be careful before publishing such communal articles which may flare tensions in our peacuful state.

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