Sikkim Youth takes out a rally in capital

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Sikkim Youth (SY) took out a rally from Titanic Park till Zero Point on 20th April with an objective of spreading awareness on corruption along with unemployment problem in the state being faced by the youths.

During an interaction with media spokes person SY Ms. Srijana Thapa said that the increase of unemployment problem in the state has increased various anti social activities in the state along with youths being dragged into unsocial activates like drug addiction. Adding further Ms. Thapa said that youths being capable, skilled are not given services in any sector it be public or private and the frustration in youths are causing disturbances in state which is alarming.

Informing further Ms. Thapa stated that the non locals are occupying various post and position in numerous departments in the state instead of the locals and added that the SY is raising the voice against such illegal practices or so called service corruption in the departments carried out considering the future generation of the state and protection of local rights.

Ms. Thapa added that there is lack of career counseling, training institute on Indian Civil Services in the state which hinders the poor but capable educated youths of Sikkim to take part in the civil services examinations till date and requested the government to consider such institute for the forth coming generation of state.
Furthermore today about 200 participants from across the state took part in rally organized by SY in the capital.

Courtesy: Sikkim Mail

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