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It has been an eventful three months for all of us at Over the last three months we have tried to emerge as a platform of healthy interaction for Sikkim enthusiasts from the state and around the globe. Be it local news or insightful coverage of Sikkim related issues, we have tried to raise the bar. In our endeavour, we got support from people across the geographical divide. We got interviews from persons sitting beyond the seas and articles and pictures from tourists visiting Sikkim from all over the world. No less was the contribution of individual bloggers and ground reporters from Sikkim. There were passionate comments and some bad moments which would be best forgotten.

All of this has been possible only due to each of you who bore with us despite our mistakes. It has been a victory of the spirit of togetherness, the spirit of individualism, and the passion to bring Sikkim on the forefront of the world. We salute all our readers, contributors and those who visited our website and gave their valuable comments.

Three month hardly matters in the life of a media organisation. The journey has just begun. With the upcoming New Year, we at iSikkim resolve along with you all to make amends where we faulted and raise our standard of free and fair journalism.

As a gratitude towards our various well wishers, we have selected the best stories and performers under different categories for the year 2010.

Best Contributing Author:

1. Heena Khan (Profiling India in 1977 as I travel back in time from 2010)
2. Animesh Lukaram Rai (Bhutias, Lepchas and Nepalis of Sikkim-I)
3. Shital Pradhan (Sikkim chases to equalise Delhi football Tourney)

Best Travel Writer:

1. Arun Bhatt (Sikkim – I: Changu Lake and Nathula)
2. Keh Chooi Lan (Malaysians’ Sikkim Trekking)

Best Travel Photographer:

1. Elizabeth Ellis and Tom White (The Queen of the Hill and Sikkim)
2. Sankara Subramaniam C (A Bangalore Biker in Sikkim)

Best Comments of the year

1. Rajen Upadhyay (
2. Anand agarwal (
3. Karma Tharpa (
4. Deep Thoughts, Karma Lama (
5. Santosh Subba (
6. Monika (
7. Namgyal Wangchuk (
8. Lhendup Lachungpa (
9. Tiger (
10. m p sinha (

Most Commented Stories:

Foreigners visiting Sikkim highest in NE
Dalai Lama never opposed my recognition of Karmapa: Shamar Rinpoche
Binay Gazmer conferred with the Dr. Ambedkar Fellowship National Award
Profiling India in 1977 as I travel back in time from 2010

Most Read Story:

Dalai Lama never opposed my recognition of Karmapa: Shamar Rinpoche
Dalai Lama administration made mistake on Tibet issue: Shamar Rinpoche
Who will wear the Black Crown?
Profiling India in 1977 as I travel back in time from 2010

Top stories of the year

CM in trouble?
Where are the guarantees under 371F?
Chinese conducts live military exercises in Tibet
Who needs Residential Certificate?


Foreigners visiting Sikkim highest in NE
Silk Road is Sulking
Sikkim to participate in London WTM 2010
Tourism in Sikkim: A SWOT Analysis


INDIA: The banality of it all and the inability to mourn
CM inaugurates DKK Bhawan and iSikkim
Towards a Healthy Sikkim
Sikkim students to be the best citizen in the country: CM


Sikkim Philatelist
Class XI student designs eco-friendly car
Sikkim to benefit from NID, Jorhat
Sikkim riders come home in bikes from Bangalore


Binay Gazmer conferred with the Dr. Ambedkar Fellowship National Award
Delay in completion of Nepali (Gorkha) Dharamshala
Towards a healthy millennium: Sikkim and MDG


Let’s Try Greening Once
On the Crisis of Floods and Droughts
Over 50,000 people lives in a vulnerable zone


Get up, stand up ,stand up for your rights!
HU on reverse mode: Freedom as Challenges
Some obseravtions on Wen’s visit to India
Is democracy in Myanmar a lost case?


Dalai Lama never opposed my recognition of Karmapa: Shamar Rinpoche
Green Car from Sikkim teen
The Ambassador of Hope
A foreign education makes you complete

Special Report:

Profiling India in 1977 as I travel back in time from 2010
Bhutias, Lepchas and Nepalis of Sikkim-II
How Sikkim was won! Tryst with India
A tale of three patients from DKK Bhawan


Legends of the Lepchas: Tales from Sikkim
Seventeen years of rule
Handicraft’s cultural and religious significance
Indo-US ties stronger than ever: Cohen


Sikkim – I: Changu Lake and Nathula
Malaysians’ Sikkim Trekking
A Bangalore Biker in Sikkim
Honeymoon in Changoo Lake


Sikkim in Transition
How Sikkim was won! The British Experience
The sacred rock of Chungthang on the verge of danger


Science & Spirituality for Sikkim youth
Journey to bless and wish by HH Dalai Lama

Language and Literature:

On Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota…
Bindeshwari Prasad felicitated at Basibiyalo

Music and Dance:

Arsames – a profile
Sikkim Music Fest enthralls the capital
RJ Manisha: Introvert in a dream job!


Three day Namchi Mahotsav kicks off
Sakewa (Rai Community)

Art and Craft:

Preeti Thapa crowned Miss Eclectic 2010
Ray’s Sikkim Screened
Another feather to his cap


Sikkim chases to equalise Delhi football Tourney

My Sikkim

Rinchen who?

This is not an exhaustive list and we believe that many more names should have made to the list below. Still it’s a beginning that we have made. We wish and hope each of you to be part of the iSikkim Initiative.

With our Best Wishes for a great New Year 2011.



  • Monika

    Thank you for selecting my name in ‘best comments of the year’ :-) and congratulations for successfully completing three months. This site has definately helped us (me) to know more about our state and the prevailing conditions through which the state is going. I look forward to hear more news and happening of the state and wish iSikkim team all the best for future endeavour. Happy New Year.

  • Lhendup Lachungpa

    Dear Sir,
    First Happy New year….
    Thank you very very much for adding my name in Best Comments of the year 2010.
    I’m very pleased to log-in isikkim and enjoyed the diversity of your quality articles and local news. Thus accept my sincere gratitude and wishes of success in the future..

    Thanking you………..

  • leewang

    Namgyal Wangchuk Bhutia

    I sincerly thank i sikkim team for selecting my comment in the list of top 10 n i congratulate u all for reaching this far as it seems to me it was only started few days back.Further u people have pep me up to contribute more for isikkim by selecting my comments in top 10,i am not flattered but encouraged to write what is the real ground reality of sikkim without been biased.

    With Regard!!

  • iSikkim

    Dear Namgyal ji,
    You are equal stake holder in the rise of On our part, selecting the best comment makers was neither a flattery nor an appeasement. It was an acknowledgment of your commitment to say what you feel. We are glad that we have readers like you.

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